​​​Snow Policy:

There are a few occasions every winter where we get get too much snow for the dog waste to be visible. If we aren’t able to scoop the yard on your regular service day due to accumulated snow we will attempt to scoop it the following day. If on the following day there is still too much snow to see the waste we will have to suspend services until the following week. Unfortunately with the short winter days there aren't enough hours of daylight for us to wait more than 1 day for the snow to melt.

If the snow still hasn't melted by the following week we will go ahead and walk the yard scooping the accumulated waste from on top of the snow, any bare areas in the yard, under trees, on decks, on patios, etc. We will do the absolute best we can to get all visible waste. Any waste hidden under the snow will be scooped on the following week (usually snow in this area doesn't stick around multiple weeks).

We do not credit accounts for missed waste due to snow. The reason being that we still end up scooping all the waste. We just scoop double waste once the snow melts...which takes twice as much time and work.

Also please keep in mind there are 52 weeks in a year. We only charge for 48 of them (12 x 4). There are 4 months with an extra cleaning and we never upcharge during those months...plus we scoop all 52 weeks worth of waste. So it all evens out in the end.

Side notes:

**Please shovel all snow/ice around your gate to insure it opens/closes properly. And please make sure the lock/latch isn't frozen also. We need to be able to access the yard in order to scoop it.

**The above policy applies to icy roads or extremely cold temperatures as well.


Thanks for your understanding and your business!!